Paint Correction & Protection

What is Paint Correction?

This is paint correction...

The clarity in the upper photo is after paint correction, the lower shows the marring, swirl-marks, and overall haze that rob the paints clarity and gloss, especially under sunlight. With this package, the paint is cleansed, decontaminated, corrected to protection, and then protected with AMMO NYC 1-year paint coating REFLEX. The gloss and hydrophobic properties will not disappoint.

If you want something stronger, that will last twice as long, we now offer Kamikaze Collection Ceramic Coatings. Contact for more information.

Paint correction is a very time consuming process. No car is the same, therefore neither is the price. If interested please schedule an appointment for a quotation. Let us bring your paint back to its original glory, and help you keep it that way...


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